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Super Black Nail Art: Cannibal red and black manicure
Wow! This black and red jewel manicure is from Magnifique Nails and was done with Super Black Cannibal (bottle shown in the photo.) The black was Super Black Murdered Out. The silver was stamped and the jewels were individually placed.

Super Black Nail Art: Heather holographic purple manicure
Thanks to Mkupobsessions for this picture - it's a beautiful mani of Super Black Heather holographic purple polish. Her nails are almond-shaped, which is a popular style so far in 2014. We love it!

Super Black Nail Art: Grey and black stamped manicure
This is from Mero924 on Instagram and shows Super Black The Whale with a black stamp of Super Black Murdered Out. The aqua-blue iridescence of The Whale shines nicely under the delicate black lines of the stamp.

Super Black Nail Art: Guilty holographic gold manicure
You can't go wrong with a sparkling gold holographic manicure. Polished Cousins sent us this picture, which is a couple coats of Super Black Guilty plus a topcoat.

Super Black Nail Art: black and silver striped manicure
Our customer Meghan posted this to the Super Black Facebook page. It's an expertly-striped combo of Super Black Murdered Out with a top coat of Super Black Wishful Thinking for some holographic sparkle. Thanks Meghan!

Super Black Nail Art: Cannibal glossy red pedicure
Our customer Erin posted this pedi of Super Black Cannibal to remind you all that nail polish isn't just for hands!

Super Black Nail Art: manicure
From Central Park Kitty on Instagram comes this striping manicure, done primarily with Super Black The Whale. Paint your base coats, put the tape down after they dry, paint a couple more, and peel the tape off for a striking and easy effect!

Super Black Nail Art: manicure
My Nail Polish Obsession created this diptych to show what Super Black Drunk Dial looks like with a glossy (left) and a matte (right) topcoat. A contrast like this is a great way to switch up your manicure without even changing colors!

Super Black Nail Art: blue striped manicure
This art-deco-inspired manicure is courtesy of Whitney at Dressed Up Nails and features hand-painted black stripes of Super Black Murdered Out over Super Black Torque. Amazing!

Super Black Nail Art: holographic accent nail manicure
The predominant trend for simple nail art in 2013 is to add an accent nail - this picture is from Just Tis Ems and features Super Black Bazillions paired with an accent nail of Super Black Wishful Thinking. Combining two different textures/styles of polish (holographic polish and glitter polish) is an easy way to add interest to a mani.

Super Black Nail Art: green tips manicure
This mani comes from Lindsay on our Facebook page, and is Super Black Grassy Knoll with hand-painted tips of Super Black Wishful Thinking. Adding a holographic polish over an opaque cream really makes the tips pop!

Super Black Nail Art: glitter and black manicure
This is from Brittney on our FB page. She combined Super Black Murdered Out with Super Black Sweet Tooth to get a multi-colored glitter manicure! Sweet Tooth has six tastefully-combined glitters, and the purple is sheer over the opaque black of Murdered Out, so they combine to make an unusual look that's easy to replicate.

Super Black Nail Art: silver holographic manicure
Courtesy of Mod-Nails, this picture shows Super Black Wishful Thinking with a glossy topcoat for an unusual look. It's holographic AND shiny!

Super Black Nail Art: black matte stripes manicure
To replicate this look, all you need to do is paint ONE coat of Super Black Murdered Out, let it dry (it only takes a minute or so!) and then apply striping tape and a glossy topcoat. We've created four separate striping patterns to give you an example of what can be done...

Super Black Nail Art: black grid manicure
...and here's the closeup! Again, this is Super Black Murdered Out plus topcoat.

Super Black Nail Art: manicure
For a simpler, yet unusual manicure, try combining two similar types of glitter polish in one manicure. This is Super Black Sweet Tooth plus Super Black Drunk Dial. (Picture is courtesy of Gnarly Gnails!)

Super Black Nail Art: manicure
These unusual triangles were hand-painted by Leslie, who posted this picture to our FB page. They consist of Super Black Whip (the darker holographic polish) and Super Black Wishful Thinking. It's a subtle geometric look that we love.

Super Black Nail Art: manicure
Another great picture by Whitney at Dressed Up Nails - it's Super Black Purdy paired with Super Black Grassy Knoll. Each half of the nail was painted one of the colors, then she laid down striping tape and painted the opposite color over the tape. You'll need patience, but it's worth it in the end!

Super Black Nail Art: Holographic Gradient manicure
This gradient manicure was done with 3 holographic polishes: Whip, Torque, and Wishful Thinking. Beneath the rainbow holographic effect you can see the base go from black at the base (Whip) through blue (Torque) into silver (Wishful Thinking) at the tip.

Super Black Nail Art: Holographic Tip manicure
This manicure is 2 base coats of super-opaque Murdered Out, a top coat in between, and 2 coats of holographic Wishful Thinking on the tips. No top coat was used over Wishful Thinking - it's durable and the holographic effect works much better without a top coat. Murdered Out can be opaque in one coat if you're careful, but why paint your nails once when you can do it twice?

If you don't feel comfortable freehanding the tips of your manicure, you can use a french-tip nail mask (found at the drugstore) or even use a hole-reinforcer from an office supply store. Yet another reason to do your nails at work!

Super Black Nail Art: Green/Blue Trianglemanicure
Freehanded with Grassy Knoll and Hello Officer, with a topcoat over both. Nail-masking tape can be used to create straight lines such as these if you don't have a steady hand or you want the lines to be ruler-straight. For a funkier effect, you can use glitter or holographic polish in place of the solid colors. Make sure that if you don't use an opaque polish (such as Grassy Knoll, Little Piggy, The Whale, etc.) that you do all your coats before moving onto the next color.

Super Black Nail Art: Whip holographic manicure
This is two coats of Whip and nothing more. No top coat was used! When you use a top coat over a holographic polish, you can diminish or completely kill the rainbow-explosion effect of the holographic pigment. Super Black holographics (Whip, Wishful Thinking, Torque, Lombard, Fatima) are durable enough to wear without a top coat.

Super Black Nail Art: Leopard manicure
Rawr! A leopard manicure done using Wishful Thinking as a base coat, with Murdered Out and Purdy over the top to create leopard spots & stripes. Leopard spots are easy to freehand - after your base coat dries, paint some spots of your first highlight color. Then, when that dries, paint U-shaped borders on with a second highlight color. If you use an opaque color like Purdy or Murdered Out, you can achieve this effect with only one coat each of the highlight colors.

Super Black Nail Art: Drunk Dial glitter manicure
Glitter polish makes it easy to create a fantastic nail-art effect without painting individual areas of color. This is three coats of Drunk Dial plus topcoat. Drunk Dial is in a sheer base, allowing the three colors of glitter to show through from your previous coats. Drunk Dial can be opaque in as few as 2 coats, but adding more intensifies the effect.

Super Black Nail Art: Hello Officer shiny manicure
Simple, yet elegant. Two coats of Hello Officer plus one topcoat. Careful application of a solid Super Black polish goes on smooth, minimizing the imperfections in your nails' surfaces. Add a topcoat for a "brand new car" shine or leave it semi-matte (satin finish) for a more subtle manicure. It's up to you!

Super Black Nail Art: The Whale manicure
The Whale is a solid grey polish that flashes an aqua-blue iridescence in bright indoor light and outdoors in sunlight. Using a color-shifting polish like this allows you to achieve a spectacular look without having to manually add accessories to each individual nail. This manicure is two coats of The Whale plus a clear topcoat.

Super Black Nail Art: The Bends underwater manicure
The Bends is an uncommon nail polish. It's full of glitter, but the base has been fine-tuned so that after three coats, your nails achieve a beautiful "underwater" effect. Each layer of The Bends submerges the previous glitter, for an overall effect of bubbles floating to the surface of a cobalt-blue lake. Wear it alone or layer it over another color (we recommend Murdered Out, the opaque black polish.)

Super Black Nail Art: Torque holographic blue manicure
Torque is an unusual holographic polish. It's bursting with rainbow color-gradient holographic pigment, but it's in a blue base. More subtle than Wishful Thinking, but still with a full holographic effect. Skip the top coat - it's durable and chip-resistant on its own. This manicure was 3 coats of Torque with no basecoat or topcoat.

Super Black Nail Art: Filthy Rich glitter manicure
You can use a glitter polish like Filthy Rich (gold, holographic, and black glitter) to accent a multi-colored manicure. The little finger is painted with 3 coats of Filthy Rich, and the other three fingers show two coats of Filthy Rich over Hello Officer, Murdered Out and Grassy Knoll. Using the same topcoat keeps the manicure cohesive without having to paint every nail the same color.

Super Black Nail Art: Purdy manicure
It looks fancy, but it's just one polish. Purdy is a light-purple creme polish with a red flash that comes to life in bright light. It's opaque in 2-3 coats, and adding a clear topcoat (as done here) brings out the red-flash effect. On its own, Purdy yields a satin (semi-matte) finish with a subtle glint of red.

Super Black Nail Art: Becky glitter manicure
One of our favorite glitter polishes is Becky. It's a navy-blue base with tiny green glitter. Unlike other polishes, Super Black glitters are formulated to distribute the glitter evenly across your nails. No "fish-n-dab" necessary. A top coat is recommended to bring out the shine in Becky, which on its own is opaque in 2-3 coats.

Super Black Nail Art: Sweet Tooth glitter manicure
Sweet Tooth is a polish almost overflowing with yellow, orange, purple, teal, red, pink, and blue glitter. Despite the fact that it's brimming with different sizes and colors of glitter, it goes on smoothly, with full coverage in 2-3 coats. A top coat was used here to bring out the shine, which we recommend for all glitter polishes.

Super Black Nail Art: Murdered Out solid black manicure
Murdered Out is the most opaque, solid black nail polish we've ever seen. Careful application can give you an opaque finish in ONE coat - seriously! We like to use two plus a top coat (as in this picture) to give it the shine it deserves. You can also use Murdered Out without a top coat to give an unusual rubbery look to your manicure.

Super Black Nail Art: Little Piggy manicure
Little Piggy is an opaque, cool-toned pink creme polish. Finish it with a top coat for a professional look, like in this picture. You'll only need 2-3 coats of Little Piggy for full opacity.

Super Black Nail Art: HBIC glitter manicure
HBIC is a blue-violet polish (some would say "blurple"!) It's flashy and regal, with full opacity in 2-3 coats. A top coat is recommended to bring out the glittery sparkle of HBIC.

Super Black Nail Art: Wishful Thinking holographic manicure
Wishful Thinking can be used as a top coat, or on its own as a silvery holographic polish needing no additional topcoat! The little finger is painted with 3 coats of Wishful Thinking, and the other three fingers show two coats of Wishful Thinking, over Hello Officer, Murdered Out and Grassy Knoll.

Super Black Nail Art: Grassy Knoll solid manicure
3 coats of Grassy Knoll on its own plus a top coat = shiny, solid green manicure perfect for spring. What more could you want? Sometimes less is more.

Super Black Nail Art: Space Ghost manicure
Space Ghost is an unusual black polish with purple and magenta glitter that shine through each coat. Use 3 coats for the full outer-space effect, with a top coat to bring out the glint in the glitter! Space Ghost is one of our most popular polishes.

That's it for now! You should follow SUPER BLACK on Facebook for fresh manicure pictures and news on Super Black Lacquers.

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